Selling or Letting?


Thank you for visiting our website and considering choosing us as your agent to either sell or let your home or indeed to buy or rent a new one or, of course, make our day and do both!

Trevor Kent created Trevor Kent Estate Agents nearly half a century ago when, at a very tender age he decided he could do things as well as and hopefully better than the established Gerrards Cross agents he had then worked for.

He deliberately chose an office in a very prominent position on The Oxford Road (pre M40 of course) which worked so well and still does as buyers and tenants from London, often on their way to Beaconsfield, see they can park outside our door – and then we never let them get to Beaconsfield!

For selling we can act for you in a number of ways –

  • As SOLE AGENTS at a very competitive fee where we take total responsibility for your sale or letting. For a slightly increased fee we can continue as your “Sole Agent” but call in other colleague agents to assist (known as ‘sub-agents’) but we remain in overall control and pay the sub agent a share of our fee should they introduce buyer or tenant.
  • Then there is JOINT AGENCY, where we act with another agent of your choice and work together to your best interest and share the pre-agreed fee with them irrespective of whoever actually sells or lets.
  • Finally there is MULTIPLE AGENCY where you instruct as many agents (including us of course) as you wish and we all compete to find a buyer or tenant and, basically, the winning agent takes all the fee.¬† You are most welcome to add us to your marketing campaign, even at a late stage, with this form of agreement and our arrival might just ‘do the trick’.

For letting:

  • We operate on a Tenant find only basis, our charge for which is 10% plus VAT (20%) for the agreed term.
  • We may¬†charge a minimal renewal fee arranged by negotiation. If a tenancy is extended at the end of the term for a further period then a solicitor’s charge for preparing an extension memorandum will be due, currently this is levied at ¬£120 inc VAT (20%) and is split 50/50 between Landlord and Tenant.
  • We recommend that a Tenancy Agreement is drawn up by a firm of solicitors, we use BP Collins in Gerrards Cross and their charge is ¬£240 inclusive of VAT (20%), this charge is split 50/50 between Landlord and Tenant.
  • We also recommend that a professional inventory is prepared and a check-in and check-out is performed by a qualified Inventory Clerk. A list of prices for unfurnished properties can be found below – ¬†please be advised there may be a slight variation to these prices depending upon which firm is available at the time. The Landlord would always be expected to pay for the inventory preparation as well as the check-in charge, and the tenant would be responsible for the check-out charge.
Number of bedrooms Inventory Preparation Check-in Check-out
Studio £72.00 £72.00 £84.00
One £84.00 £90.00 £96.00
Two £108.00 £102.00 £114.00
Three £126.00 £114.00 £132.00
Four £150.00 £126.00 £156.00
Five £162.00 £150.00 £168.00
Six P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A

Some information for Tenants:

  • We do not take holding deposits, the tenancy is secured by the signing of the Tenancy Agreement and transferring of monies required prior to the tenancy start date.
  • All tenants are required to pass references, the charges for these are ¬£30 per person over the age of 18 and is non-refundable in any event.
  • A charge will be made for the preparation of the Tenancy Agreement, the cost for this is ¬£240 inc VAT (20%) and is split equally between Landlord and Tenant.
  • Monies to be paid before the Tenancy start date usually comprise of the first month’s rent, the deposit, normally 1.5 months’ rent, is passed to and held by the Deposit Protection Service (in accordance with current legislation¬†we have not elected to carry further Client Monies Insurance Protection) and the contribution to the Tenancy Agreement preparation as mentioned above.
  • If the tenancy is extended beyond the initial term, then an extension memorandum may be required for the new period, the cost for this is currently ¬£120 inc VAT (20%) and is split 50/50 between the Landlord and Tenant.
  • On the expiration of a tenancy the Tenants are required to pay for the Inventory check-out, please see the chart above for a guide to possible check-out charges.


Which ever form of agency you chose we will always act professionally, honestly and in accordance with the rules laid down by The Office of Fair Trading and The Estate Agents Act 1979 (the creation of the latter, incidentally, much influenced by Trevor Kent as a representative¬†of the NAEA at the time). Your interests are further protected by Trevor Kent’s reputation as a national Broadcaster and Industry Commentator and this TV Radio and Press presence also attracts applicants from around the world – very useful extra exposure for your property. ¬†In the unlikely event of a problem with our service please initially contact Mr Trevor Kent, if our in-house¬†procedure fails to satisfy, in accordance with the 2013 Act we subscribe to The Property Redress Scheme

We trade as TrevorKent.Com these days because the Internet is so vital now and our website is visited hundreds of times a day – it is intentionally simple to use with no gimmicks that waste people’s time – we know all they want is to find our lists of property quickly without wading through screens of self-congratulatory ‘puff’ about the agents first. Naturally we utilise many of the internet portals to display property to a worldwide audience.

Why not call in, telephone or email us to talk over how we can help you sell or rent your home and finally, just in case you’re still unsure that you are about to make the right choice of agent, we will not tie you in to a long contract unlike many of our competitors. We are standing by for your call.

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